Place Card Favors for Mother’s Day

May 7, 2009

dsc03280Happy Mother’s Day from Elizabeth W. Gift Baskets!

If you are making a fancy meal for your mom for Mother’s Day, take an extra 10 minutes and put together these sweet take-home place cards. Tiny vases (about 4 inches tall) can be found at craft supply stores, flea markets and big box stores for about a dollar. Fill one for each guest with tiny spring flowers like violets or grape hyacinth. Tie on nametags and place one on each guest’s plate.

For those of you who are NOT making a fancy meal for your mom, get over yourself! Any fool can put together a nice meal even if you can’t cook. If you can hunt and gather, you can make a lovely meal. Here’s how.

Visit your grocery or specialty food store and pick up a rotisserie chicken, a bag of pre-washed salad greens, a bottle of vinaigrette style dressing, oil-cured olives, dried figs or dates, whole almonds, walnut halves and some fresh grapes.

From the deli section, get a pound or so of roasted vegetables and pick out several cheeses to make a cheese board. Include some firm cheeses and some soft; some intensely flavored and some milder. A good combination might include, Grafton Village Cheddar, Camembert, Maytag Blue, aged Mimolette, a goat cheese, an aged sheep’s milk cheese, and a triple-crème cheese, such as St. Andre.

From the bakery section, get a loaf of crusty, country bread and a pretty pie or cake for dessert. Some ice cream to go with that? Up to you. I vote yes.

Pick up your favorite wines or champagne from the liquor store and you’re good to go.

Instead of serving the meal in courses, put everything but dessert on the table at once; even the cheese board. It will look more impressive and you’ll be able to nosh and relax with Mom and your guests rather than jumping up and down to get things.

Put the chicken on a platter and surround it with the roasted vegetables. Put the olives and the nuts in small bowls and arrange them, along with the cheeses, bread, grapes, dried fruits and knives for slicing, on several small cutting boards or platters. Just before serving, toss the salad greens with the dressing in a large bowl. That’s it. Dinner is served!

For dessert, put the cake or pie on a cake stand, if you have one, and serve with ice cream and coffee, if desired.

Cake stand or not, Mom will love this meal. She will love it for the same reason she loved that goofy dinosaur diorama you made for her in third grade, or the very strange vase you created in pottery class. She will love it because she loves you… and because you made it yourself!  



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