Ornaments Made From Nature

December 12, 2008


Ornaments made from an old cardboard shipping box and some of nature’s art supplies. More photos below.


Everyone seemed to love last week’s paper snowflake ornaments so here’s another ornament idea. These rustic beauties take a little longer to make, but order all your holiday gift baskets from Elizabeth W. Gift Baskets, and you’ll have plenty of time left for crafting.

To make an ornament: Use cookie cutters as templates for ornament shapes. Trace onto corrugated cardboard (I used an old shipping box, but craft stores have heavy art paper that will be easier to cut.) Cut out shapes with a craft knife or scissors. Using photos as a guide, arrange assorted natural elements (list follows) on front of cardboard shape and glue in place. Cut an 8” length of country twine or cording. Fold in half; glue ends to wrong side of ornament for hanger.

Here’s a list of some of Mother Nature’s art supplies. Take a walk through the woods or a spin through the kitchen spice cabinet and I’m sure you’ll find some new ones that I didn’t think of.




Small twigs

Red, white & black peppercorns

Dried beans, berries and split peas

Cardamom pods

Star anise

Tapioca pearls

Dried starfish

Tiny pinecones

Whole cloves

dsc02335Star Anise makes a great tree-topper or ladies hat. Cardamom pods and Tapioca decorate the tree.


dsc02357Green split peas and red peppercorns decorate the moose and trees. Use country twine for a garland.   



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