Craft a Paper Snowflake Ornament

December 5, 2008


Many of my holiday gift baskets are highlighted with elegant, glass snowflake ornaments. Traditionally however, my own tree is decorated entirely with handmade items… some made when I was just a child. In fact, the snowflake ornaments shown here, are simply a grown-up version of those fold-and-cut snowflakes we all made in grade school. The only difference is that I used fancy vellum instead of those sheets of manila paper from 3rd grade.

To make a snowflake: Cut a square of vellum paper. Fold the square in half, then in half again to make quarters. Cutting along the unfolded edges, cut spokes of snowflake. Unfold paper. Sew hanger onto one spoke with silver embroidery thread. Glue a craft store gem into the center, if you like. Use the snowflakes to decorate a package or greeting card, or to hang on your tree.



One Response to “Craft a Paper Snowflake Ornament”

  1. Gift Baskets Says:

    We used to make the snowflake ornaments for our tree when we were little! Haven’t thought about that in years! Thanks so much for the memory reall!

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